Fossils Hunting Tours in Morocco

Morocco was the world’s most prolific coral reef for 600 million years and continued until 30 million years ago. Sea life fossil preservation over this period is generally recognized to be the best in the world. Morocco is the largest supplier of commercial and collector fossils in the world. Morocco also had dinosaurs as well. However these dinosaurs are not available for export.  Several fossil museums are now emerging in Morocco to showcase some of the extraordinary fossils of Morocco. AUTHENTIC DESERT TOURS Offers best Tours in Morocco  to buy & Collect  varied fossils & Minerals for your store, museum or for your personal collection. Our Team can assist you in Explore the best of Morocco, we Provide a Full services in the storage, packing and transport arrangements, Accommodation…Etc.  Fossils buying takes place principally in Khouribga, Erfoud, Risanni and Al Nif. We can customize your Fossils & Minerals Hunting Tours based on your Requirement and interests. we Are Very Knowledgeable in Fossils Feld & know  Unknown Fossils Sites to Explore new types. Our Familly  has  More than 10 years Experience. Because it was our first Job in Tafraoute Sidi Ali, Especially in Jebel Mrakib.  Is a mountain ridge at the southern edge of the Mader basin. Various formations from the lower and middle devonian are accessible, and many layers are commercially excavated for trilobites.



Our Geo Tours in Morocco

11 Days Fossils tour From Marrakech

Journey On 4×4 across the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert in eastern Morocco, where the rocks are full of minerals and fossils. Morocco is one of the most geo-diverse nations on earth with enormous areas of exposed rock stretching, full of fossils and minerals, which stretch from the pre-Cambrian to the Recent. The country is dominated by the Atlas Mountains which drop down to a coastal plain on the western side and the Sahara Desert on the eastern side.


10 Days Fossils Hunting tour in Morocco

Join Our 10 Days Fossils Hunting Tour in Morocco starting from Casablanca to the south  for a unique experience in the barren desert of Morocco through this Morocco fossils hunting & mineral tour. You’ll devote most of your time during your journey to exploring the fossils & minerals by  which Morocco is known worldwide



All our Geo Tours can be customized. If you have any special tour demands, please feel free to contact us for further enquire and information. We will be happy to satisfy your needs and personal requirements