Trekking in Morocco – Walking Treks Morocco 

Authentic Desert Tours offer some amazing opportunities for you to go trekking in Morocco. With us you can climb the first and second highest peaks in North Africa. You can even ski down them in winter. During the rest of the year, we can arrange and organise you a bespoke trip or you could take advantage of one of our pre-packaged routes. We can support and guide you throughout the mountains and the desert, as we have with countless other adventurers from across the world. Furthermore, in over 20 years of working with this beautiful destination for travellers the world over, we are confident speakers of Spanish, English, French and German. We can offer you a broad range of experiences that bring the High Atlas region to life. From guided walks taking a single day, to detailed, meticulously planned treks that utilise tents, mules, guides and good, quality time spent with the ancient Berber people of the mountains and desert. Your trekking adventure doesn’t have to be limited to pre-packaged holidays if you do not want it to be. We are here to share experience with you and build something that fits your needs. We can base this on any combination of variables, such as number of people, trek difficulty, trekking with animals and anything else you can think of. Contact us to find out more.

Trekking Tours in Morocco

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